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Frozen squid products are popular at home and abroad

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2019/08/17 11:44
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Yantai Honghua Seafoods Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in various types of squid products export processing entity factory, the company has all kinds of import and export qualifications, including ISO9001, HACCP certification, the European Union, the BRC certification, QS certification and other domestic and international professional certification, processing all kinds of squid products 10000 tons, the main products are frozen squid tubes, frozen squid rings, frozen squid, frozen squid, frozen squid, frozen squid T + T dozens of products, such as processing and true squid, squid, at the same time New Zealand arrow squid, Peru squid, squid equator, north too squid, and other varieties of squid, our products are of good quality is stable, Deeply loved by domestic and foreign customers, products in the domestic market has a good foundation, exported abroad to the United States, the European Union, Japan, Australia, Singapore and other international markets.

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