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Closing high seas fishing may help increase catches in coastal areas


The latest research from the University of British Columbia in Canada shows that closing the high seas fishing industry will increase the catch by 10% in coastal areas in the future. The project researchers said that this will help fishermen cope with the dilemma of no fish to catch due to climate change.  

William Cheung, a professor of ocean and fisheries research at the University of British Columbia in Canada, pointed out that many important fishes live on the high seas and coastal areas. Effective management of fish can promote the sustainable development of coastal fishing industry and help fishermen reduce the negative effects of climate change. influences.

The high seas are oceans outside the jurisdiction of any country, covering nearly two-thirds of the ocean surface.  

Researchers used computers to simulate three management models for 30 important fish species in the high seas and coastal areas in 2050:

-Close the high seas fishing industry;

-International cooperation to manage the fishing industry;

-Maintain the status.

Researchers have found that closing the high seas fishing industry can increase the resilience of coastal countries to respond to climate change, which is especially helpful for residents of tropical countries who rely on fishing for their livelihoods. Climate change will have varying degrees of impact on the South Pacific, Indo-Pacific, West African coasts and the western coasts of Central America.

As one of the project's research funders, Professor Rashid Sumaila of the Institute of Marine and Fisheries Association of Canada said: "By closing the high seas fishing industry or strictly improving the management model, it will help to mitigate or promote the adaptation of the marine biological system to the impact of climate change. "




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