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Argentine squid fishing is bleak, prices have broken new highs, fishing in 2017 is ahead of schedule, but there are still risks

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2019/07/29 19:41
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The British data analysis agency Mintec announced that the aunt's fishing was bleak, demand was not reduced, and export prices broke through record highs.
From the situation in the US market, the import price per kilogram of aunt has exceeded 2.2 US dollars, reaching the highest value in the past five years.
According to Michael Liberty, market analyst at Mintec, this year, affected by the El Niño phenomenon, the aunt is very rare, and the output once fell to the bottom of the 20-year period. Statistics from January to September show that the aunt catch is only 57,500 tons, compared with the same period last year. Compared with the reduction of 55%, especially in the Falkland Islands, the production of squid is only 2,000 tons, a sharp drop of 99% compared with previous years, and the corresponding price surged, up 109%.
Although the Argentine official recently announced that the squid fishing season will be about 2 weeks ahead of schedule, it is expected to start on January 18-20 next year, and the shortage of aunts may be improved. However, in view of the heavy losses in the aunt market this year, the risk of distributing squid in the coming year still exists, and it is hoped that Chinese practitioners will make careful choices.