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Sea water temperature increases, British salmon will become a popular food

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2019/07/29 19:41
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According to Intrafish reported on January 3: Britain's traditional cuisine "fish and chips" will be replaced by squid. The temperature of the coastal waters in the UK is increasing, making it suitable for salmon and other fish, such as sardines and trout in the North Sea. At present, the number of carp in the North Sea region can account for 60%, and in the 1980s it was only 20%.
John Pinnegar, a marine climate change expert at the UK's Center for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture, said that by 2025 the water temperature in the coastal areas of the UK will continue to rise. The breeds captured by British fishermen today are different from the past. It was impossible to capture squid 20 or 30 years ago. The UK plans to increase the export trade of salmon.
In the summer, salmon fishing is concentrated in Monray Firth in northeast Scotland, where efforts have been made to reduce overfishing, especially traditional fish such as haddock and scorpion. As the water temperature increases, the true range of recreation moves towards northern Norway, while the squid gradually moves closer to Scotland from the Netherlands.